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Your Fresh Produce logistics technology partner

Simplify your daily routine,

save money and

save the planet


Transportation Management System (TMS)

Increase efficiency and profitability using a transport management system (TMS) that simplifies your day-to-day supply chain. 

FreightflowTMS was made specifically for the perishable produce industry, leveraging years of experience and trusted by the leading US growers/shippers, 3PLs/brokers and wholesale/distributors.

The fastest growing TMS in the fresh produce industry.


Ai route optimization

Maximize capacity of your trucks and reduce carbon footprint by optimizing loads and routes

Find the best Carrier

Quote your loads and find the best carrier or truck broker.

Go with direct carriers and save money

Manage your Claims

Log and follow your claims until resolved. Partially invoice your loads and hold on payments to your carriers

Consolidate your orders and manage your LTLs

Create FTLs and LTLs.

Make better decisions on what travels with what. Maximize your trucks capacity

Track & Trace

Regain control over your supply chain.

Track, trace and analyze your freight flow


Cloud Based TMS

Freightflow is a cloud-based application which allows logistics teams, carriers, drivers, agents, sales reps, customers, warehouse and accounting teams to login from anywhere using a simple URL. It was built with open source cutting edge technologies, with the future generations in mind.


Freightflow’s architecture has remained stable over the last few years, while growing to process over 50,000 orders per month. Everything is hosted in AWS giving us the best scalability and reliability we could offer to our customers.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Industry Experience


Average Increase in revenue


Reviews on Capterra


Monthly loads optimized

Are you ready for a better system?

Find out how we can help you go digital, eliminate manual processes and get more work done.

Let's do this journey together and stream line your supply chain from end to end.

Our Partners

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Our Clients

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