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About Us

Here to make your life easier

At Freightflow, we're on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of perishable goods logistics. We know how hard it is to get fresh produce from farm to table, and we want to help fix it.

Why? Because we believe that food should be as sustainable as possible—and that means reducing the impact of our supply chain on the environment. We also believe that food should taste as good as it looks, which means getting it there in one piece!

So we created Freightflow, an all-in-one TMS for the perishable produce market. We’re here to make your life easier and give you a return on your investment while helping you save the planet.


Our Story

Our founder and CEO, Butch Peri, has vast experience in the industry and after successfully running the biggest onion operation in the world and seen first hand that most of the problems he and his team were facing during those days were related with transportation, he decided to build FreightFlow.


A TMS that would help you and your business while trying to help the planet. Our mission is to bring together the best technology and great people to build a partnership with one goal in mind: To help you succeed

Meet The Team

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Butch Peri

Founder & CEO

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Diego Prado


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Sebastian Yanik

Sr Engineer

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Ana Moset


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Richard Yi


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Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 11.51.03.png
Nicolas Tudela

Sr Engineer

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Nicolas Nieves

Sr Engineer

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Nicole Blasek


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Our Clients

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