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Transportation Management System

We help the transportation of perishable goods through automation and Ai to save you money and time.

Freightflow is the sustainable and cost effective TMS for the fresh produce industry.

laptop with freightflow login page on the screen
desktop computer and laptop on a clean desk with freightflow software screenshot on the monitors

Freightflow TMS

Freightflow is the well-kept secret of the logistics technologies in the fresh produce industry.

A transportation management system that helps you run your business more efficiently, cut costs, and increase profits. Here's how:

  • Consolidate your orders (LTLs and FTL)

  • Tender your loads and find the best Carriers or Truck Brokers

  • Follow your truck journey through all its picks and drops

  • Online chat with your drivers and carriers

  • Request and Log Check Calls, locations and times updates

  • Manage your files

  • Manage your claims

  • Create invoices from within Freightflow or integrate in real-time with your ERP

  • Generate reports and analytics dashboards for at-a-glance visibility and measure performance

Freightflow software maximizes the efficiency of your operations using intuitive and easy to use AI features.

The Routes & Loads Optimizer is one of the tools we offer in our Freightflow TMS PRO subscription. This tool gives you the ability to optimize your routes to maximize your load capacity, reduce load footprint, and improve fuel economy.

Is it possible for a human being to always give you the most efficient route? Could a person with a pen and paper solve these problems accurately?

With our Routes & Loads Optimizer, we've taken on this challenge for you!

Laptop with mobile phone and person clicking the phone to use Freightflow software. The Freightflow software is shown on the screen of the desktop computer

Routes & Loads Optimizer

Phone and tablet on a clean flat surface with Freightflow driver portal pictured in the screens of each device

Freightflow Portals

Freightflow Portals are a way to make your TMS work better for you and your partners.

Freightflow Portals connect your TMS from anywhere with your carriers, drivers, warehouse managers and even customers by allowing them to update load statuses, upload documents and have the latest information about its loads at all times.

They allow you to connect with anyone involved in the lifecycle of a load, so you can make sure that everything is going smoothly.

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