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male hands connecting two puzzle pieces together representing Freightflow solution helps our clients put all the pieces of their business together in one place
Freightflow icon in the middle of a hub surrounded by icons in different colors to represent the features of Freightflow. Icons show security, reporting, documentation, settings, networking, saving money

Freightflow Hub

Stop jumping around from platform to platform. Freigthtflow transport management system (TMS) is a Hub that reduces double entries. We are integrated with the best services out there and if the integration you are looking for is not in our list already, just let us know and we will add it for you.

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Famous ERP logo
ProducePro ERP logo
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP logo

Our software is designed to be integrated with the most popular ERPs out there. If you’re using another ERP or software, we can connect with it, just contact us!

Load Boards and Compliance

DAT load board partner logo
Truckstop Load Board partner logo
Smart Capacity partner logo
RMIS compliance partner logo

Our integrations with compliance systems and load boards make it easy to import, manage and compare carriers, all in one place.

Trackers & Loggers

Tive tracker and logger integration partner logo
Project 44 tracker and logger integration partner logo
Four Kites integration partner logo
Emerson tracker and logger integration partner logo
Trucker Tools tracker and logger integration partner logo
myGeoTracking tracker and logger integration partner logo

Track your freight at all times without leaving the comfort of your TMS. Connect your ERP and see the flow of real time location updates, no double entries and no manual intervention required.

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